What to do after you join:

A)  U-Economy Team Rotator Page CLICK HERE

B)  U-Economy Main Facebook Group:  CLICK HERE

C)  Email Ben (coachben220@gmail.com) this email…

Subject:  Hi Ben, I just joined your U-Economy Team!

Body:  Hi Ben, I’m excited to be part of the team and get going with some marketing.  Please let me know my special Team Website for personal marketing.  Thanks! – YOUR NAME

D)  [Optional but HIGHLY encouraged] – Market as your time allows.  Follow steps:  CLICK HERE

When sales are made thru your affiliate link you will be paid.  There are 3 ways you may earn commissions…

FIRST – You will earn monthly residual commissions as you sponsor people who active the $49.95 monthly U-Crew membership (like you did).

  • Level 1 – $7 a Month
  • Level 2 – $3 a Month
  • Level 3 – $3 a Month
  • Level 4 – $5 a Month
  • Level 5 – $2 a Month
  • Level 6 – $6 a Month
  • Level 7 – $7 a Month
  • Level 8 – $2 a Month
  • Level 9 – $3 a Month
  • Level 10 – $2 a Month
  • Level 11 – $1 a Month
  • Level 12 – $1 a Month

SECOND – If someone you sponsor purchases one of the products in U-Marketplace or U-Academy you can be paid according to the company compensation plan.  The higher the level you are personally activated at the more you can potentially earn.

THIRD (updated 6-20-17)– If you are a member of our team and you are ONLY active at the monthly U-Crew Membership you can be paid when someone you recruit buys any product that rolls up to Ben Olszewski.  Our team SHARES COMMISSIONS!

VERY IMPORTANT:  Decide carefully how you want to participate.  The shared team product commissions are divided as follows…

$49.95/mo Only = 1 share of product commissions earned.
$49.95/mo + $500 Product Level = 2 shares of product commissions earned.
$49.95/mo + $500 Product Level + $1,500 Product Level = 3 shares of product commissions earned.

$49.95/mo + $500 Product Level + $3,000 Product Level (or higher) = 4 shares of product commissions earned.

F)  [Optional] – Participate in training and learn how to become a professional online marketer.