Downline Building Network

My primary business is Downline Building Network (DBN).  DBN is a company that sells opportunity seeker leads and offers mindset training materials for network marketers.

With DBN you can earn up to $345 per postcard in bonus cash and with their pay plan you can earn up to $1960/mo (or more) with their 3 x 4 forced matrix.

Here are the main reasons you should consider DBN:

  1. Your MLM company isn’t giving you leads and chasing friends and family is terrible.
  2. You don’t have to train someone to put a stamp on a marketing postcard and DBN provides free postcards with each lead you get on peel-n-stick label.
  3. I seriously doubt your MLM company pays 70% commissions across three levels…probably not even remotely close.  Did you know with a matrix of just 84 people you could earn $1960/mo?
  4. DBN offers the best mindset training I’ve found anywhere……PERIOD.  This info is so valuable…it can change everything about your approach to business….it certainly has for me.

Next steps:
A)  Email me if you want a sign-up form.
B)  You should get pre-enrolled.  Call 1-866-722-5363.  Provide this number: 73845 (my ID #)
C)  Want a training CD?  I’m happy to mail this as well to help show you more about the company.


Reach out, I’m a real person.  425-736-5600 or