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$8K While in Maui

This is the best business opportunity I’ve ever worked!

I can’t believe the power of this business. Over $8K dropped at my doorstep while I was in Maui with the family (afforded by this business). I was literally on the beach with the family and my business was working for me the whole time.

You can’t find this kind of opportunity anywhere else. I took a look at the stock market on the day some of the funds came in and it was a total disaster. I’m so glad I work for myself in this amazing industry. If I had been in stocks I would have lost my shirt (not that I don’t invest in the market some).

If any of these things sound interesting to you please call me at 425-736-5600 and I’ll let you know what I’m up to.

-No Selling

-No Stocking or Shipping Products


-No List Building

-No Chasing Family/Friends or Hotel Meetings

-Simple Cash to YOUR Door System That Works

Review of Marketers Mailer


This is a short review of “The Marketers Mailer”.  I recently joined this mailer and took the one-time offer (which I almost always do) for $57.70.  I think this is a good deal considering these guys (The Land Marketing Group) have a responsive list.  Currently they are allowing a mailing to go out to 1193 people.  Keep in mind that all of these folks are trying to make money from home, so it’s a good target audience.  I normally add about one safelist per month to my list of places to market.  Since the company I’m promoting allows me to pretty easily make $60 commissions each week, I don’t mind spending $57 for a lifetime of upgraded access here.  I have no doubt that there are going to be marketers here that will both opt into my list and probably make purchases.  Overall this technique of adding a mailer a month has been super effective for me and I’m going to continue to do it especially when I find good offers like this.