About Me

 Hi, I’m Ben Olszewski.  Yep, I’m one of those online marketing people who makes 6-figures from their home computer.  I’m an expert in safelist marketing and it’s how I’ve built organizations with 100’s of people in MLM companies and sold $1000’s in various affiliate products averaging over $10K/mo.  Below is a cool pic from the back office of a little $11.50/mo program that I’ve promoted.  I like showing this pic because it’s proof that you don’t need a huge budget or expensive monthly program.

I think it’s super important to have good support from your loved ones if you are going to do this business.  There can be hard times and if you go too fast it’s easy to spend way more money than you earn.  I highly recommend setting a budget and sticking to it.  Get buy-in if you have a wife so she doesn’t freak out after the fact (like mine did when she found out I spent $15K on MLM)!!  Eventually though I made it work and could afford to buy her that highly tasteful and upscale Seahawks sweater!!

I highly recommend that you take time to think about your personal philosophy.  What drives you?  What motivates you?  When you understand this you can use it to push you and to force you to work when you are tired and discouraged.  I think you have to have that vision or you will fail in this business.  If you could sum up why I do this I think it would be for the benefit of what you see in this picture below:

My simple goal is to leave a legacy for my kids.  Money is part of that, but beyond the money is the mind-set of faith and belief.  I want my kids to be able to grow up knowing that they have a lot of control over what happens in their lives.  I really want them to learn from my example.  Create your vision and burn it into your mind and use that energy to create goals and daily ACTION steps.  This is exactly how dreams can come to life.

If you are in a mental state where you are ready to create YOUR vision, I’d love to partner with you and help you achieve your dreams.  Just reach out:

Ben Olszewski