1K Team Follow-up Letter

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1K Team Follow-up Letters

It’s very important that everyone understands the importance of follow-up letters.  There are many strategies to proper follow-up.  Personally I like to run between 3-6 follow-ups for most campaigns.  After that of course I continue to stay in touch with folks for as long as possible via broadcast emails.

You will have to personally decide how many follow-up messages to create for each campaign.

When using Marvin’s ELC system you won’t need to worry about creating follow-up messages because Marvin has that all done for you (just follow his set-up instructions).  You also don’t need to worry about follow-ups when using the Matrix Buster page because there are automatic messages sent out on your behalf for that system as well!

The only time you will need to set up your own follow-ups is if you use a custom capture page like this one.