1K Per Month Plan

Welcome to the 1K Plan!!

1K Per Month Plan:  Follow Instructions Exactly.
Exceptions: There will be some optional items offered in the plan.

Disclaimer: I can’t guarantee income of any kind and results will vary.  You know that right?   If you want a guaranteed income you know what to do right?  OK, let’s get to it.

If you join our team (in DAY 1) you will need to send your link to Ben at coachben220@gmail.com so your link can be added to the rotator.  This video will explain how to find your affiliate links.  Note that if you are joining TrafficWave as a free member you do not need to send your link because we only advertise for paid members.


DAY #1: Watch video/Join TrafficWave

    • Watch video below (If you haven’t already).
    • Get TrafficWave (TW) Autoresponder:  CLICK HERE.
    • NEW:  The 1K Team Adds TOAN.  This is optional, but another 88K/month income stream.  Click the banner below to join via our ad rotator:
    • NEW AND IMPORTANT!!  The join link above is now our TEAM ROTATOR LINK!  This means that when people join our team they are being put directly under team members.  WE DO THE SAME FOR YOU BECAUSE WE ADD YOUR LINK TO THE ROTATOR!  All marketing is for our members!!!

DAY #2: Chill out!  Pick Marketing Website.

    • Today is your day to let the dust settle.  Don’t get overwhelmed.  Keep it simple!
    • Optional (not for beginners):  Today you will perform the task of creating a capture page in TW.  Note: As a beginner you will not need to do this step.  This is advanced because it will require you to make your own follow-up letters and you will need to send your subscribers to a page/blog like mine and you are probably not ready for that.
    • Your final product will look something like this:  CLICK HERE.

  • For Beginners:  Today you will set up this EZ done-for-you system created by my marketing friend and partner in TW, Marvin Williams: CLICK HERE.  Marvin will show you step-by-step exactly how to set up your system so you can get out there and get marketing your TW business.  If you cannot afford the $15 for this system (one-time fee), then you will be marketing your TW Matrix Buster Capture Page instead.  This page will be available to you at no extra cost from within your TW account.

DAY #3: Joining Safelists

    • Post your ad at these sites as often as your level will allow!
    • Watch this video to protect your inbox from what is about to happen:

Link to post (Start w/”C”…you get this link on day 2 via from THIS SYSTEM): 
A)  Your Matrix Buster Capture Page.
B)  A custom capture page.
C)  Your ELC page.

DAY #4:  Get a Blog

Optional but recommended:  Get a blog.  You can get one for FREE.  Here is a good site: http://benolszewskionline.weebly.com/

Spend a day formatting the website (as you can see, my site is incomplete [just used as a free example] and this is because I have a wordpress blog hosted with GoDaddy).  You will want the following pages:

==>About me.
==>1K Per Month Marketing Plan

You will want to basically copy everything on this page only make sure the links go to your sites.  This will allow you to help the people you meet (your leads collected in TrafficWave) build their business.  Of course it will also allow you to duplicate your own efforts and increase your affiliate earnings in each of the programs above.  You will want to reach out to your leads once per week with info on how to improve their business online and you will need to direct them to your blog.

DAY #5:  Goal Setting

Beginning Goals (time to set some goals):

Ads Posted Daily – 20 (Don’t worry we will add more sites to make this happen).
Leads into TW Account Daily – 5
Broadcast Emails to List Per Week – 2
TW Sales Per Week – 1
Optional:  Biz Opp Sales per Month – 2 (for people trying to build an additional business with their TW team)
Blog Posts Per Week – 3 (what do I post?  We’ll get to that)
Safelists Added Per Week – 5

DAY #6:  Join More Lists

  • Add more mailers today:


DAY #7: Step up Your Game!

  • Time to get a super tool to help automate your marketing efforts and help give you ideas for additional mailers to join:


Take your time to set this tool up properly.  It will save you a ton of time and help you get out more ads.

DAY #8:  Go Big.  Get a Few More Great Mailers!