10 Productivity Tips For Marketers

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So you are doing paid marketing and you just sent out your ad….it’s been a few days and you have opt-ins but no sales.  Now what?  Most people get frustrated and end up moving on to the next deal (spending more money on junk….don’t be that person).   Here are a few ideas to help you stay productive until your next traffic purchase:  

  1. Do a 90 day video challenge.  Every day post a video on YouTube to create some content and add additional traffic (at no cost) to your funnel.  This will do wonders for your personal development and prove to everyone that you are a real person who is serious and committed (it’s excellent branding).
  2. Work on your blog.  A professional online marketer can leverage a blog for branding, picking up more leads and even making affiliate sales.
  3. Carefully construct one email per day for your list of subscribers.  When you are building your list it’s important to offer plenty of value before asking for a sale.  Don’t know what to say?….it’s simple: learn something and teach it!  It can be something simple like how to create a folder and filter messages with gmail (a lot of people don’t know how to do simple, yet important tasks like this).
  4. Post free ads.  There are 1000’s of places to do this (safelists, traffic exchanges, social media).  This will supplement your lead flow from paid marketing and you may find there are real buyers in these locations (I can tell you from personal experience there are).  Make it a goal to post a certain number of ads daily and stick to it.
  5. Join some Facebook Groups related to what you do.  Depending on the vibe of the group you might just post your capture page ad or if the group has a more interactive set of people you could post helpful tips and offer to help people.  This is a long term approach to building good business relationships and often pays big over time.
  6. Create your own FB group and invite others to join.  You will be the admin and you can set the rules.  I’ve done this a couple times before and it’s been a great way to generate leads and find new business partners.  If you are ambitious you can do live videos offering encouragement and mentoring.
  7. Work on you.  No matter how much you earn you will always be facing new challenges and growing.  Your mind-set is so important (at every stage of your journey).  Remember that in our industry people join people, so who you are is critical.  Like attracts like, so you want to work on becoming the person you want to be….and even better….become the person you’d like to bring into your business.  I recommend Youtube for finding inspirational and motivational people to help you with this.  I highly recommend Tony Robbins.
  8. Work on your organization and daily productivity.  There are many ways you can do this and there is no shortage of training on the subject, but something as simple as a calendar and a To-Do-List go a long way.  When you are productive and checking off the boxes you feel great!  
  9. Stay healthy!  As online marketers we can sit in front of the computer and before we know it, 4-5 hours have gone by.  Drink plenty of water, eat breakfast, go get 1 hour of exercise, stretch, do yoga, take your vitamins, get up and take a walk once every couple hours, eat fruits and vegetables…..TAKE CARE OF YOU!!  So many marketers forget to do these things and it’s sad.  All the money in the world is worthless without you being healthy.  Plus…you’ll be more productive on numbers 1-8 above!!!
  10. Every day learn something new about items 1-9 above.  Example: Figure out what the best practices are for posting YouTube videos.  Learn how to put in the correct key words, how to post your link, how to make a nice thumbnail pic, how to properly keyword your videos, how to make a nice home page, etc.  If you are going to do it, do it right and get better and better each week.

Yours in Success,   Ben Olszewski

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