The Prosperity Marketing System – Review

This is my review of the Prosperity Marketing System.

Since leaving my old company I’ve been searching
high and low for a replacement and also I’ve
been researching for the best sales funnel.

I couldn’t believe what I found…

This is my new lead funnel system:  The Prosperity Marketing System!

Prosperity Marketing System

(This system has been around a while but the affiliate pay plan is revamped)

Here are the “wow” factors:

-Only 12/mo (great price to encourage people to stay)
100 percent commissions…..yes you heard that right.
-2-up system offers incredible leveraged earning.
-Option for promoting your Primary Biz (one-time 97.00 that is also 100% commission!!!)
-Connects to YOUR autoresponder
-Super detail/training instruction
-Option to customize pages
-Personal branding?….YES!

So do the math on this:
Refer 10 w/50% upgrading on the one-time $97 – $120/month recurring + $485.00 extra!
Refer 100 w/50% upgrading on the one-time $97 – $1200/month recurring + $4850.00 extra!
Refer 1000 w/50% upgrading on the one-time $97 – $12,000/month recurring + $48,500.00 extra!

This is what I’ve been looking for.

What about you?

How to use Aweber with List Builder Sites…

Many of you are members of sites that allow you to build your list by connecting to YOUR autoresponder.  These sites are great.  I’m the owner of one called ListAdProfits.  This tutorial video will walk you thru how to:

A)  Set up a campaign
B)  Build html form code
C)  Place code on your website
D)  Create a follow up message
E)  Test your system
F)  What to do when something goes wrong!!!  (Which as you will see it can and does happen!).


Here are some of the best Frank Salinas sites you should join (even if free) and post your ads.  His marketing community is VERY active and even as a free member you get super tools and outstanding no cost exposure for the sites you are promoting.  The best of the bunch is the first one below (No Marketer Left Behind):

Gorilla Marketing Pro Now with Platinum Level

Gorilla Marketing Pro (GMP) is a free marketing platform that does a good job of branding and allowing members to earn some passive income streams.

The site now offers a platinum level and probably the best aspect of this new level is the ability to build splash pages.  The cost is $10/month and they offer $7 commissions.


Don’t feel pressure to join all the income streams…I didn’t.  I did join the safelist because I love adding new marketing resources.

Other benefits of membership are:

-Free training for internet marketing
-In system autoresponder
-Traffic rotator
-URL tracking

Over all it’s a great site with a ton of value and like everything else the upgraded level offers a chance for real marketers to earn some great commissions.

Sign-up HERE

Master Reseller Rights – Earn MONTHLY Income

Hello!  Today I want to review a great site that offers an opportunity for marketers to:

A)  Get a huge selection of Private Label Rights that you can use for give aways, list building or even reselling.

B)  With access to this vault of products you can sell monthly memberships to other marketers for 100% commissions!

The cost is only $10 month and by just selling 10 of these you add an extra $100/month to your income!  Project it out:

Sell 10 = $100/month
Sell 100 = $1000/month
Sell 1000 = $10,000/month


You can get your payments to PayPal or Payza.

Each month new products are added and you can get all of this for only .33 per day.  This is truly one of the best values online and an easy way for you to add a nice side income to what you are already doing.


Review of Marketers Mailer


This is a short review of “The Marketers Mailer”.  I recently joined this mailer and took the one-time offer (which I almost always do) for $57.70.  I think this is a good deal considering these guys (The Land Marketing Group) have a responsive list.  Currently they are allowing a mailing to go out to 1193 people.  Keep in mind that all of these folks are trying to make money from home, so it’s a good target audience.  I normally add about one safelist per month to my list of places to market.  Since the company I’m promoting allows me to pretty easily make $60 commissions each week, I don’t mind spending $57 for a lifetime of upgraded access here.  I have no doubt that there are going to be marketers here that will both opt into my list and probably make purchases.  Overall this technique of adding a mailer a month has been super effective for me and I’m going to continue to do it especially when I find good offers like this.